Friday, May 10, 2013

Rylie & Kellie | Wedding Pictures in Lincoln, NE

A few weeks ago I caught up with Rylie and Kellie in Lincoln. A quick back story on these two -- when they showed up for their engagement pictures last fall, they were anxious to the point of awkward. They actually spent most of the session chatting about how horrible they are in pictures and about how they would just be glad to have them over with. In the end, they were really happy with the images they made.

The more important part of that session, however, wasn't evident until their wedding day. That's when the real Rylie and Kellie showed up. They were relaxed. They were calm. They weren't intimidated by the camera at all.

In short, the time they put in with me during their engagement session, well, it really paid off. They had more fun on their wedding day, and the pictures came out better than they'd hoped.

Cheers to the new couple. I'm glad they had so much fun.

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