Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How To Organize A Redneck Wedding

Oh, you can find just about anything -- and I mean anything -- on the Internet. Even a how-to guide for couples who want to plan the perfect redneck wedding.

Some choice excerpts from this article:

"Decide what the bride will be wearing. Consider tight blue jeans and a tank top. Don’t forget to have a barbecue or chewing tobacco stain on the front and a wrench in your back pocket."


"Instead of a wedding cake, you can use cupcakes or serve individual fried pies (a favorite of many rednecks). You can even set up a table of Twinkies or Ding Dongs."


"Decide on a menu for your reception--“road kill” is an excellent option. Squirrel, opossum and turtle (all cooked according to redneck recipes) would be great choices for the main course."

I would totally love to take pictures of a squirrel BBQ at a wedding reception. Seriously.

My grandma (who lives in Arkansas) makes a killer turtle soup. I could go for some of that on this cold Nebraska Wednesday...

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